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Gas Venting Updates- With the recent code changes related to gas venting, there can be a lot of confusion about the new regulations. We have attached resources to help, including a Board-approved FAQ on the changes and a list of some of the currently accepted products. 


Find An Associate – PHCC of MA Associate Members include wholesalers, manufacturers, manufacturers' representatives and more! To find our associate members, click the button below!

Application Help – We have all the materials you need to fill out and send to The Board whether you are applying for your Journeyman or Master's License. If you want them looked over before submitting, you can send them to wayne@phccma.org

Certificates- If you've taken Continuing Education and need another copy of your certificate or need to check what classes you've already taken, check out the page below.

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          Scholarships- Both PHCC of MA and PHCC National offer scholarship opportunities for the children and employees of Contractor Members. Click HERE to learn more.

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We are reviving our Connections email newsletter! Connections will have information ranging from industry news, upcoming events, education updates, and more! If interested, fill out the form below.

Company Safety Program Builder

PHCC members also have exclusive access to Federated Insurance's Company Safety Program Builder, which can help you build the perfect safety program for your business! To get started, click the link below:

Company Safety Program Builder

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Remember that as members of PHCC of MA, you can get discounts on many of the products in our webstore!

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