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Officers and Committees

Executive Committee

   - President - Peter Leydon

   - Vice President - John Cersosimo

   - Treasurer - Frank Monroe

   - Secretary - Jim Doughty

   - Executive Director - Wayne Thomas

Chapter Presidents

   - Charles River - Kate Tynan

   - Mystic Valley - Jim Doughty

   - Southeast - Matt Dorsey

   - South Shore - Chris Murphy


   - Board of Directors - Made up of the Executive Committee, a maximum of 3 representatives of Local Chapters who are members of good standing, past Association Presidents who are members of good standing, Directors at Large consisting of a maximum of 3 members in good standing who are not affiliated with a Local Chapter, and one Alternate Director may be elected by the Board of Directors.

Members: Andy Lyne, Andy Monteiro, Bill Grover, Brad Piesco, Brian MacDonald, Brian Murphy, Chris Ernst, Chris Murphy, Ed Kelley, Frank Monroe, Jason Orsburn, Jay Dorsey, Jim Doughty, Joe Sullivan, Joe Whitney, John Cersosimo, John Klesaris, John Macone, John Maurer, John O'Leary, Kate Tynan, Ken Hinchey, Ken Neilsen, Matt Dorsey, Michael Allen, Mike Petrilli, Mike Prousalis, Peter Leydon, Bill Leydon, Rob Basnett, Sal DiCarlo, Skip Pfeffer, Steve Akian

   - Trade Show Committee - Consisting of at least 4 members, shall have the duty to schedule, promote and oversee the annual convention.

Members: Andy Lyne, Bill Sloan, Brad Piesco, Clint Oxly, Frank Monroe, Jim Doughty, Joel Fournier, John Cersosimo, Kevin Wiggins, Michael DelConte, Mike Fandel, Peter Leydon, Sal DiCarlo, Steve Lally, Tim O'Connell, Wayne Thomas

   - Golf Committee -

Members: Ed Giacchino, Ed Kelley, Jason Orsburn, Jim Doughty, Joe Whitney, John Cersosimo, John Klesaris, John Morello, Kate Tynan, Ken Neilsen, Linda Thomas, Marianne Tragakis, Michael DelConte, Peter Leydon, Bill Leydon, Rob Basnett, Sal DiCarlo, Steve Akian, Sue Jacobs-Marshalsea

   - Scholarship Committee - Consisting of at least 3 members with the Chairman being designated as the President, shall be responsible for setting scholarship criteria, reviewing scholarship applications and administering awards.

Members: Frank Monroe, John Cersosimo, Cullen Ring 


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