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Q1: Does any piping used to vent a gas appliance need to be listed on the Board’s website as Product Accepted including CPVC and Polypropylene?
A: YES: Product Acceptance is required for all pipe and fittings used for venting of gas appliances. See 248 CMR 5.02 (2)

Q2: If a permit was taken out prior to the regulation becoming effective but the work and the inspection was not performed until after, does the installation need to comply with the new revisions?
A: NO: Code changes are not generally enforced retroactively. These code changes only apply to jobs in which a permit was issued after the effective date of the regulations.

Q3: If a gas appliance is being replaced and the existing gas piping is buried in the wall or ceiling, does the concealed piping also need to be brought up to current code or just the new piping necessary to install the appliance?
A; NO: If the concealed piping is not being removed or altered, it is considered part of an existing system and, if in compliance with the code in effect at the
time of installation, would not need to be replaced via the current code.
Exception 1: If the manufacturer of the new appliance prohibits the use of the existing venting materials.
Exception 2: If the existing visible/exposed gas vent piping has been compromised, all of the vent piping would need to be replaced

Q4: IPEX is listed on the Board’s website and an accepted material to vent gas appliances which makes it allowable under the regulation change. If the manufacturer of the
appliance you are installing does not list this item as an allowable venting material for their appliance, can you still use it because the Board allows it?
A: NO: In this case, the appliance manufacturer’s prohibition would be more stringent and must be followed.

Q5: Is all PVC banned as a gas venting material?
A: NO: PVC is not banned, however, it must be listed on the Board’s website as “Product Accepted” in order to be used as gas venting material.

Q6: What standard(s) is required for plastic piping to be granted product acceptance for gas venting?
A: The Board does not designate specific standards for product acceptance, rather they rely on neutral third parties to ensure the products are safe and appropriate for their intended use.

Q7: If a particular appliance manufacturer’s installation instructions allow PVC as a venting option, can I use it?
A: They allowance for PVC as a venting option in the manufacturer’s installation instructions is not sufficient. PVC must also be product accepted by the Board for that use.

Q8: Will CPVC be allowed for gas venting if it meets the proper water piping standard but not gas venting?
A: NO: Water pipe standards are not gas venting standards. All piping must be listed for use as a gas venting material in order to be used.

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