If you're doing any kind of work involving flames or producing heat, you are required to follow the safety procedures governing hot work. This includes soldering, brazing, cutting, welding, pipe thawing, drilling, tapping and many other activities common to construction work.

And that's not all!

Some municipalities are requiring contractors to pull hot work permits in order to perform work in their jurisdiction. In fact, as of July 18, 2018, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts made hot work certification mandatory for all workers performing hot work in any Massachusetts city or town. That means you're already subject to the new requirements.

So now what? Well, that's the easy part . . . 

Introducing the Hot Work Safety Certificate Program!

Originated by NFPA and brought to you by PHCC of Massachusetts, it's the fast, easy way to get yourself certified for hot work and steer clear of any problems with the new regulations. You'll gain a wealth of knowledge about hot work and the dangers hot work presents on the typical job site. You'll be entered into a national database maintained by NFPA and listed as currently certified for how work operations. 

Your hot work certification training isn't complicated, and you can complete it in one sitting. Just select a class from one of our many locations across Massachusetts that's convenient for you. You'll complete two hours of training with a certified PHCC instructor, and then complete a certification test. That's it! And you'll be free and clear to perform hot work in any city or town in the Commonwealth.

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Both daytime and evening classes are offered for your convenience, and you can select the one that's best for you. Your certified PHCC instructor will take you through the ins and outs of hot work and why it's so important in our industry. Here's a sampling of what to expect in class:

  • Uncovering hot work hazards
  • Understanding exactly what is (and what isn't) hot work
  • Learning about hot work safety teams and their roles/duties
  • Discussing standards and regulations relevant to hot work
  • Understanding the three-step approach regarding hot work safety
  • Learning how to evaluate hot work and hot work hazards
  • Learning about common fuel sources/ignition sources
  • Discussing the various types of hot work (especially within our industry)
  • Understanding what a hot work permit is
  • Knowing when a hot work permit is required
  • Much, much more!

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Need more details? OK! Classes are offered in Agawam, Auburn, Boston, Brockton, Braintree, Framingham, Franklin, Greenfield, Hyannis and Middleboro. They're also offered in New Bedford, North Adams, Norwell, Stoughton, South Yarmouth, Watertown and Woburn. Daytime classes run from 8:00am until 11:30am, and evening classes run from 5:00pm until 7:30pm. 

A little housekeeping . . .

  • We'll need your name and address, exactly as it appears on your photo ID (an NFPA requirement)
  • You'll also need to provide us with two phone numbers (also an NFPA requirement)
  • NFPA also requires that you register with an email address that is unique to you, not shared with anyone

Seeing a pattern here? Don't Worry!

We'll walk you through everything you need to do to receive your Hot Work Certificate. It'll be painless (well, almost). You will need to invest a little time and effort, but it will pay dividends for you later. Remember, we want you to succeed. So that's it, and we've made it as easy as we can for you to do what you need to do. You can register right now using our secure, online shopping cart. Just click on the link below to get started. If you have any questions, or if you're still not sure, feel free to give us a call at (781) 843-3800.

Save your spot! Register online with the links below:

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