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Registration is now open for Live & Virtual Session 17 classes which will begin in the Fall of 2024. Sessions 17 and 18 must be completed before you renew your license in April of 2026. Licensees have two options to attend live classes led by an instructor: Please select the method that works best for you during the registration process. You may register through our online webstore by clicking on "Live In-Person Classes" or "Virtual Classes" or by contacting our office, 781-843-3800.

Look for Session 18 classes beginning in the Fall of 2025.

Virtual Classes

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This cutting-edge method allows you to participate virtually. All you must do is sit by your computer in the comfort of your home and, of course, pay attention.  The PHCC of MA instructor team will engage with the class by encouraging your questions and leading discussions. Licensees who select this option must have a unique email address not shared with another licensee and access to a computer or iPad with webcam, video, microphone and speakers.  

Live In-Person Classes

PHCC is offering Live In-Person Classes in various locations throughout the state and in southern New Hampshire resuming this Fall. Get your Session 17 class done early to avoid the rush! Licensees may register through our online webstore or by contacting our office, 781-843-3800.

At-Home Study and Online Programs

The At-Home Study and Online Programs offer licensees maximum flexibility to earn the mandatory continuing education credits.  Programs are completed in the comfort of your home without an instructor and according to your schedule.  Simply review the curriculum and successfully complete the test with a minimum score of 70%.  PHCC of MA At-Home Study Programs are provided in two different formats allowing the licensee to select their preferred method. Our new Session 17 Correspondence Course and Online program will be available soon.

Do you still need to complete Session 13, 14, 15 or 16?

Both Correspondence and Online programs are still available through PHCC.

Correspondence Program At Home

Available since 2008, thousands of licensees have selected this option.  Customers who purchase a correspondence program will receive a hard copy of all the materials they will need to review in order to complete the program.  Each correspondence program you order will include the session handbook, and a guide containing step-by-step instructions, test questions and sheet to record your answers.  A computer is not required.  You may order a program on the phccma.org Online Web Store, email lwillis@phccma.org or call 781-843-3800

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Online Program At-Home

Clients preferring a digital method will enjoy the flexibility of our online programs.  Review the information on the computer without an instructor, at your own pace, and not necessarily in one sitting.  The curriculum is identical to the topics used in our classes and correspondence programs.  Successful completion requires attaining a minimum test score of 70%.  Selecting this option requires ordering directly on our website.  Select the blue "Education" tab and follow the prompts for "Online Program At-Home" or click here. Remember to sign into your account.  First time users of the Online Program must create an account.

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